Freestate Advisors


Our Firm

Freestate Advisors LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor serving clients in 30 states from offices in Kansas City and Wichita. We are distinguished by our active approach to managing portfolio risk and return. Our investment strategies target quality participation in rising markets and protection from large losses in declining markets.

The executives of Freestate average more than 25 years of experience in finance and investing. They bring extensive knowledge and expertise regarding bond and equity capital markets to the clients of Freestate. This depth of knowledge and experience allows Freestate to bring the best investment solutions to clients.

Our People

Brett Conley
Principal and Chief Investment Officer
Tom Halvorson, CPA, CFP®
Principal and Chief Development Officer
Michael Thomas
Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor
Ken Burke, CFP®
Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor
Kelly Gamble
Senior Vice President - Chief Operating Officer
Nathan Haskins
Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor
LaSandra Rice
Vice President – Client Services and Compliance
Don Peters
Vice President - Investment Strategy
Josh Barlow
Vice President - Investment Strategy
Polly Peters
Vice President - Client Services
Phil Taylor
Senior Investment Analyst

Our Story

Freestate Advisors was founded in 2007 and began serving clients as a Registered Investment Advisor in 2008. The origins of Freestate Advisors go back much further.

Freestate’s founding partners, Tom Halvorson and Brett Conley, have known each other for more than than 25 years. They both earned advanced degrees in finance prior to working together as financial consultants at Ernst & Young. Subsequent to consulting, they had careers as finance executives for public and private companies. During their executive careers they maintained an interest in capital markets and investing, and stayed abreast of the latest finance and investment research.

In 2002, Brett and Tom reconnected and began discussing the best approach to investing their personal wealth. They realized that the standard investment solutions offered by the financial industry provided lower returns and a higher risk of loss than they desired. They also knew that finance research over the prior decade had uncovered numerous potential approaches for earning better returns with less risk.

So they began a research collaboration to create a comprehensive strategy for improved personal investing. Their research was so successful that they decided to create Freestate Advisors to offer their strategies to other investors.

A disciplined, research-driven approach to investment strategy has become the hallmark of Freestate Advisors. The firm has developed a consistent process to:
  • Investigate promising investment discoveries from published research.
  • Thoroughly test and extend the original research.
  • Shape the best and most important insights into a superior framework and discipline for investing.

This is the process that allows Freestate to turn insights into investment performance.