Freestate Advisors


At Freestate Advisors, we help clients pursue better wealth outcomes through advanced investment strategies.  We offer two service options designed to accommodate a range of client needs.  Both options reflect the same investment objectives:  quality participation in rising markets, and protection from large losses in declining markets.

Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts are private portfolios of actively managed individual investments.  Clients choose this option to access Freestate’s investment strategy, discipline and proprietary process for a portion of their total investment portfolio. A Freestate Managed Account typically serves as a complement to other investment strategies within their personal investment portfolio.


Managed Accounts are established at Charles Schwab Institutional or Fidelity Institutional, two of the industry’s leading independent investment custodians.  Managed Account investment securities are held in a segregated account owned and controlled by the client. Unlike mutual funds or private investment partnerships, client funds are never pooled with those of other investors.  Clients may choose to establish one or more Managed Accounts as required by the nature of the investment assets (e.g. taxable, IRA, Roth, trust).


The investment vehicles used in Managed Accounts consist of highly liquid, low cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs). All accounts are managed by Freestate Advisors in an identical manner according to a common investment strategy.  Managed Accounts are highly liquid.  Assets can be sold and cash withdrawn by the client at any time without restriction.

Wealth Management IconWealth Management

Wealth Management is a sophisticated combination of investment management and financial planning.  This is a comprehensive service whose purpose is to help clients achieve their financial life goals such as retirement, charitable legacies and intergenerational wealth transfer.  Financial planning provides the map to successfully reach the client’s desired destination, and investment management provides the means.


A distinguishing feature of this service is that Freestate Advisors assumes responsibility for managing the client’s total investment portfolio.  Investment assets are often comprised of multiple accounts, custodial locations, and account types such as taxable, 401(k), IRA, Roth, 529 plans and trusts.  As the client’s Chief Investment Officer, we develop and manage a coordinated “single portfolio” investment strategy which spans all investment assets, accounts, custodial locations and account types.


Freestate’s Managed Accounts are always a foundation of the client’s total portfolio.  However clients often have significant assets in programs that are restricted as to custody location and investment choices, such as employer-based 401(k) plans.  In other cases, clients simply wish to include additional complementary strategies in their overall portfolio.  We work closely with clients to evaluate and select other strategies and managers for inclusion in the portfolio, taking care to assure a coherent and coordinated overall investment strategy.

Retirement Plan Services

Freestate offers services to retirement plan sponsors and individual participants in retirement plans. Our retirement plan services include both fiduciary and non-fiduciary services, including:


  • Investment Policy Statement Preparation
  • Non-Discretionary Investment Advice
  • Investment Selection Services
  • Investment Due Diligence Review
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Default Investment Alternative Advice
  • Participant Education
  • Participant Enrollment
  • Qualified Plan Development
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Fiduciary File Set-up
  • Benchmarking

We are also available to meet with individual participants to discuss their specific investment risk tolerance, investment time frame and investment selections. Freestate does not serve as administrator or trustee of the plan. In addition, we do not act as custodian for any client account or have access to client funds or securities (with the exception of some accounts having written authorization from the client to deduct our fees).